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Introduction to Amateur Radio

So I recently decided, like many others during lockdown to get my Amatuer Radio Foundation license, which is the first of three possible levels. Each subsequent level allows you to transmit on more frequencies and with more power. It also allows you to use more types of transmission such as personal hot spots and build your own equipment. There is plenty of information online on how to pass your tests and I include some links to those resources below. Be sure to search for amatuer radio clubs in your area. Even with current restrictions you can get support and participate in Zoom or similar meetings or listen on the airwaves. Many people are scared to take an exam. The online training and books will give you all the information that you need to pass. The exams are multiple choice with 4 answers and you will need some basic maths skills. You can use a calculator in the exams and will need a basic 4 function one for the Foundation, and a £10 scientific one for the other two levels. But