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DMR - How it works and how to get set up

And why you shouldn’t import too many repeaters to your codeplug like I did! I have made an accompanying video on YouTube at Setting up DMR takes some patience but once you access the repeaters and talk groups you will be rewarded with many QSOs from all over the world in glorious digital quality. DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) is a great transmission/reception mode, it is clear audio in a resilient wrapper that can withstand a lot of QRM - interference and fading. It is pretty much either working, or not with no real distortion. It has been developed due to the availability of cheap micro processors which can process audio into digital encoding and manage complex transmission systems. The DMR amateur radio system allows people to talk one to one or through a repeater in either simplex mode (same TX and RX frequencies) or duplex mode. You can probably access many DMR repeaters in your surrounding area and they provide access to hundreds of talk groups. Now mode

Getting started with the Anytone AT-D878UVII Super, making a codeplug

I passed my Foundation Amateur Radio Exam and have been using the Baofeng UV-S9 for over a couple of months (the first month just listening). I decided it was time for a better radio as a lot of activity seems to be on digital channels and links like Echolink, All Star etc. and the Baofeng scan facility is limited to either all channels, or all frequencies in one waveband. So I pre-ordered the Anytone AT-D878UVII Super as this is the only budget radio that seems to have enough memory to download the entire DMR contact list which now exceed 200,000 registred users.  My new Anytone AT-D878UVII Super The Anytone can hold upto 500,000 so it should be good for a few years. When programming a radio like this people refer to a codeplug, it is not a physical plug, rather it is data that is specific to your radio's frequencies, repeater channels, DMR contacts and personal settings. It will also contain your DMR Id so beware of exporting the data plug to other people without first removing

My Baofeng UV-S9 experience in three months

I have had my Baofeng UV-S9 for about three months and while initially happy with it I have come to some conclusions    1- it no longer transmits in UHF or will let you select UHV frequencies manually 2- the front end overloads and renders the whole radio deaf as soon as you go up a hill or fir a better or mobile antenna  3- certain frequencies are really poor reception making contacts almost impossible. e.g. I contacted a guy on 2m, but when we changed channel neither of us could hear each other 5 miles (8Km) away! We where both on the same hill so line of sight really.  4- The FM radio no longer works  I have 2 Nagoya aerials, one whip and one mobile so it's not them. You get what you pay for, better save up for a better brand like Anytone, Retevis, Ailunce of Yaesu, Icom etc. The earpiece and cable are very poor qaulity and the charge base is really hard to engage. The instructions are garbage and better downloaded from Radioddity UV5-RX3. Conclusion, not reliable or gr