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Getting into Amateur Radio

 It is possible to partake in Amateur radio for FREE! Yes, you can dip your toes in the water for no money at all and research which area you eant to go further with. Of course it can be an expensive hobby and the sky is truly the limit but you can SWL (Short Wave Listen) or Monitor VHF/UHF and a lot more for free! In the next few paragraphs I will take you through the stages of slowly rising costs that can get you started for minimal funds. FREE!   we all love that word, well if you have an internet connection and a web browser then you can get started. Note: A lot of these websites are not secure, don't worry as we are not going to be entering any sensitive data. Just click the button as shown if it appears. Web SDR is free to use, you can even set up your own WEB SDR server. WebSDR - the starting point.   Some of the UK's favourites are  Hack Green - Jodrell Bank (The site not the telescope)  For HF Bands